Rcmp dating violence

Good news is that positive approaches show promise.Web Aware Web Site: This site provides the tools you need to help keep your kids safe online.National Association of School Safety Web Site: Prev NETWeb Site: Canadian network of excellence in research and prevention of bullying RCMP Program Web Site: org Description: RCMP Program - Youth related issues.

If your area does not have a 9-1-1 service, call your local police emergency number.We have developed The Organized Crime Operations Centre (OCOC) to coordinate the extensive resources required to tackle the gang problem head-on."Ontario Gang Investigators Association Web Site: The motto of Ontario Gang Investigators Association is: learn, share and stay safe, education, prevention, intervention, suppression, Midwest Gang Investigators Association Web Site: org/ Description: The Midwest Gang Investigators Association exists as a non-profit educational organization with its focus on combating criminal street gangs.New York State Commission of Investigation Web Site: Recommended Web Sites for Teachers Web Site: Bullying Awareness Network Web Site: This sites purpose is to provide information to help people better understand bullying behaviour, the consequences, and how it might be prevented.If the situation isn't dangerous right now, you can also call a health centre, victim services, community organization, shelter, or the local police and tell them about the abuse. When you ask officials like the police, a social worker or a lawyer for information, you can ask them to keep your concerns confidential. Victim services organizations work with the police to help victims of crime.The list below can help you find people or groups that might be able to help you with information, support or emergency assistance. They can help you develop a plan and find ways to protect yourself.

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