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You learn what feels good to you, and what doesn't feel good. If you hope to sell coaching services, for example, and you've never paid a coach, you're sending a strong message to your own unconscious mind that coaching isn't worth investing in and coaches don't deserve to be paid. I know that the term "sales conversation" can sound a bit intimidating, or like you're trying to close deals on vacuum cleaners, but actually a "sales conversation" is just a conversation where you get to know your potential client and what they want, your potential client gets to know you and your services, and at the end of the talk you mutually decide whether or not to work together.And that message to your unconscious mind will be a giant stumbling block to you as you go out and try to gain clients. The only scary part really is the possibility that your potential client will say "no thanks."I know rejection isn't pleasant, but as you've probably noticed, many things here on planet Earth are not pleasant.However, if you're just starting to wiggle your toes in the waters of online audience-building and business, it's much, much easier to create revenue by bringing in clients who pay for one-on-one work than it is to sell courses. Well, for starters: Doing one-on-one work allows you to figure out Here's an example from my own life: when I first started out coaching, I thought I would enjoy working with anyone who was into magic. As it happens, I find I most enjoy working with people who are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in magic. That's the kind of stuff you can create syllabi around and offer as a course.Probably because I'm a Capricorn sun with Mars-Pluto conjunct in Scorpio: I've got this intense fascination with innovation and power. Still, I never would have fully understood that about myself if I didn't do a lot of one-on-one work in the beginning of my business. The same suggestions, the same exercises, the same insights. Okay, cool, so now that we're in agreement that you're going to start with one-on-one work, you may find yourself wondering: Great question.In my experience that's not a very tenable strategy.

Note: what follows pertains to the consultant / coach / teacher / mediapreneur / service-provider type of online occult business, as that's what I've got experience with: I've created a business centered around my practical magic coaching and teaching that brought in 0,000 in revenue in 2015, and is on pace to bring in at least twice that much in 2016.

I thought about writing a post today that was along the lines of "Behind the Scenes of a ,000 Launch" - since that's what happened this month in my business with the launch of INFLUENCE: the life-altering course on mastering practical magic. You see, employers hire people when they believe Also I suck at taking instructions from someone else to fulfill a purpose that's not my own.

But I remember when I was first starting out in trying to get a foothold in the world of doing business online, trying to convince myself that working for myself via my laptop was something real that I could truly and actually do, which would actually pay the rent and buy groceries... But we'll talk about that another day when we're waxing philosophical about the entrepreneurial spirit.

So, first things first: go find a coach you like and . I suggest that you start getting excited about experiencing unpleasant rejection in sales conversations, because it's only through experiencing the sensational discomfort of hearing "no" that you eventually get to hear lots of "yes"es that build your business.

Start getting in the habit of holding and acting upon the belief "coaching is very valuable and worth paying for."Take special note of what kind of wonderful results emerge in your own life as a result of you investing in coaching. You can grab it by entering your email in the form below. So today we learned that one-on-one work is the fastest route to revenue for your online occult business, and that you'll probably have to get comfy with doing consultations / sales conversations to make that revenue happen.

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